Saving Your Business from a Disaster

Saving Your Business from a Disaster

Disaster recovery; two words with huge impact. Whether you’re a company of 20 or of 20,000, a disaster recovery plan is a must-have. But, if you’re still questioning the importance of having a DR plan in place, let us take a moment to break-down its significance for your organization.

NJFX Disaster Recovery New Jersey

For most businesses, disaster recovery and preparation remains top of mind due to the possible occurrence of natural disasters, accidents and unforeseen incidents. But did you know that the average cost of unplanned outages to a company is $7,900 per minute. We’ll let that sink in for a minute…

The truth is, there are several factors that could contribute to points of failure within thenetwork; demand, proximity to major markets, climate, and customer accessibility, to name a few. For NJFX, the answer is simple. Our new 10,000-square-foot facility, hardened with direct fiber network elements and back up generators with room for UPS (Uninterruptible Power Service), offers metro providers with the strategic disaster recovery capabilities they require, along with added redundancy and continuity.

Differentiating themselves from the typical data “hubs,” NJFX is located in Wall, NJ, making them a successful DR site located far enough from New York City carrier hotels as well as other data center hubs in other parts of New Jersey, thereby eliminating typical points of network failure.

NJFX, New Jersey, Data Center, Disaster Recovery

Even during the latest snow storm that caused power outages all over the state of New Jersey, NJFX’sgenerators and UPS didn’t miss a beat due to their reliable utility power. With the recent announcement of their 48-acre expansion plan, NJFX will now have the ability to provide a customized solution on their campus whether it be data center or individual colocation space. The expansion will also include office space for team collaboration, as well as an offsite command center, if needed.

The ability to support clients with a disaster recovery plan, while also providing them with the convenience of having secure, direct access to their network at NJFX’s cable landing station campus, is just another amenity that sets NJFX apart from other providers in the industry.

The take away? Be disaster ready with NJFX. Contact us today to learn how to protect your business critical operations.


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