NJFX Hosts Colocation Campus Tour for Top Financial Institutions

NJFX Hosts Colocation Campus Tour for Top Financial Institutions

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We’re hearing that more and more companies in the financial sector are seeking to receive the multiple benefits and services that data centers offer, but often find themselves running into trouble finding an IT Infrastructure that fits all of their needs. With so many important factors to consider – low latency, security, diversity, and clarity, to name a few – finding a facility that fits all your financial services’ needs can sometimes feel as though you’re digging for a diamond in the rough. We understand, and feel your pain, so that’s why we brought some of the top financial institutions in the industry to the NFJX colocation campus on April 26th to show them that the financial and banking communities do in fact have choices.

By collocating at the NJFX campus, financial institutions benefit from the following:

Network Integrity: NJFX is 100% carrier neutral. Users have a choice when selecting the cables that move their data from our campus to various cable landing points, and we’re not just talking locally, but across the globe. Once you’re in the NJFX campus, you can go across the ocean. No longer will your management team ask about those typical failure points from NYC to Europe. Diversify your network and seek the clarity you need for peace of mind.

Reliability: NJFX is the only data center campus that offers direct connectivity via adjacent subsea cables to multiple backhaul providers for fast and diverse connectivity to Ashburn VA, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Dallas and other cities in the U.S., eliminating legacy facilities and network congestion you often face with traditional data in NYC. Not to mention, NJFX is a Homeland Security site and we leverage that status during any national disaster or emergency.


Reduced Costs: With the NJFX campus providing an alternative route allowing your data to bypass New York City, we eliminate those recurring cross-connect fees putting that money back into your pocket.

Maximized Performance: Did we mention we’re expanding by 48-Acres? This means you’ll be looking at a Tier 4 site, and perhaps another CLS on top of the one we already have. With this expansion, NJFX will become one of the most important internet connection locations in the world.

So, how do you as a financial company get in on this juicy deal? Contact us today to learn more about your choices.

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